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Round 3
VS Secret Squirrels
10 WIN 3
Hawkex VS Shadow Company
8 LOSS 11
Silverbacks VS Tachanka
8 - 0
Wet Work VS Sloperators
3 WIN 5
Secret Squirrels VS Hawkex
5 WIN 10
Shadow Company VS Silverbacks
13 - 1
Tachanka VS Wet Work
5 - 10
Shadow Company VS Sloperators
4 WIN 8
Tachanka VS Secret Squirrels
6 - 9
Wet Work VS Hawkex
4 LOSS 2
Silverbacks VS Wet Work
2 - 14


 1st  Sloperators
2nd  Shadow Company
3rd  Wet Work


What a challenge!

First of all, congratulations to all the teams who demonstrated insane endurance through the extreme heat - one of the hottest days ever recorded for November!

While it is fantastic to secure another win, the Sloperators now realise they are on notice as more teams move in to the mix. There were so many talented players out there and everyone performed outstandingly well.

The Sloperators took home the 1st place prize including an MP5 V2, Tac Vest and multiple patches and stickers. As the team's MVP, Daniel Botten was awarded the MP5, while the highest scorer (Niall Clarke) took the Vest. Congratulations to the team captain, Zak Styles for keeping the team together and winning the event! As sponsors of the team, Ausgel and Hawkex couldn't be more thrilled about the win, well done!

Next game is December - let's bring it home for 2018!


Tom and Jess after a Hawkex game

Image by: Stacy Kenyon

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