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Round 2

Game 1 Final Score

Ausgel/Hawkex: 7

Wet Work: 1

Game 2 Final Score

Ausgel/Hawkex: 1

Wet Work: 4

Game 3 Final Score

Ausgel/Hawkex: 5

Silverbacks/NextGen: 2

Game 4 Final Score

Silverbacks: 10

Wet Work: 2

Game 5 Final Score

Ausgel/Hawkex: 5

Wet Work: 3

Game 6 Free For All

Most targeted player: Trent Punchy

2nd Most targeted player: Niall Clarke

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Another great event held by Guerilla Blasters with some top prizes given away to MVP's of each team, including 1 kilo of gels, a nylon gearbox, hats, patches, stickers and speedloaders!

After losing in round 1, Ausgel came back hard to take the overall win for round 2! We saw some unique weaponry including Dave Nicholl's gravity-fed SCAR (far right in the team photo).

We saw some great plays from Niall, who individually scored 6 of the 7 points for Ausgel in game 1 and Merv who took out 3 players in one sweep during game 5 preventing the opposition from racking up 3 points!

Every player on the team played exceptionally well and very aggressively - well done! Let's keep this pace for the next game in November!

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