This guide is designed to give you a thorough understanding of how to grow and store the range of Ausgel Gel Balls. Gel balls need to be hydrated (grown) in water before they can be used in your Gel Blaster. It is important to note that different gel blasters will work better with different gel balls. There are however, some generic tips on what not to do, as follows

Do Not Store gels in freezer - Contrary to popular belief, this will not make your gels harder. Freezing will make your gels brittle and more prone to breaking when firing your blaster.
Do Not Add dish washing liquid or any other lubricant to the water - this can damage your blaster internals.
Do Not Add food colouring or dye to your grow water. You will really annoy other gel ballers if they can't wash the colour out of their clothes.
Do Not Attempt to use hardening agents - This will usually cause your gels to warp. If you want hard gels, use our Ultras.
Do Not Use anything other than gels in your gel blaster.
Do Not Eat the gels. Although they are non-toxic, they will grow in size when hydrated in liquid.
Clean water. Demineralised water is best (available from Bunnings), clean tap water is fine but you should avoid using rainwater. Bottled water is also a great option.
Something to grow the gels in. This could be a bucket, eski or any kind of tub that can hold at least 3 litres of water.
Something to store the gels in. Airtight containers are best from any super market or home ware store.
A sieve or sifter to drain the water from gels prior to use.
Optional (for best results): A fish tank filter and pump to keep the water agitated during the grow.
For Ultras: A timer, whether it be your phone or clock.
Optional: A food thermometer.