Well CQB Blaster Short 7.4vlt

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Well CQB Short 7.4 Volt

Close Quarters Battle (CQB) aka Close Quarters Combat (CQC) is a tactical concept that involves a physical confrontation between several combatants. It usually consists of small units or teams engaging the enemy with personal weapons at a very short range in warfare. In the typical close-quarters combat scenario, the attackers try a swift, violent takeover. The Well CQB Short Blaster with a 7.4-volt battery is the perfect blaster for any CQB encounter.


Short and Agile

With its short barrel and lightweight, the Well CQB Short is the perfect blaster to get on to the CQB fields.

Light Weight but Powerful

The Well CQB Short has solid nylon build with the well known Well nylon gearbox and gears.

Budget Friendly

The Well CQB Short is a budget friendly blaster perfect for the beginner gel ballers.


Please remember to check all local laws regarding the usage and ownership of gel blasters in your particular State or Territory.
Use protective eyewear at ALL times as incorrect usage can lead to eye damage.
Gelblasters must be concealed during transport and used in designated areas.
* Note gels supplied are usually of low quality it is highly recommended to use Ausgel gels for best results


  • Well Nylon Gearbox
  • 7.4bvolt battery
  • Nylon Iron sight
  • Nylon receiver and handguard
    • Nylon CQB Close Quarters Battle Well M4
    • Stop and think campaign leaflet
    • Safety glasses
    • Revised well magazine
    • 7.4 battery and charger
    • Unhydrated gels

    Well CQB Blaster Short 7.4vlt