Prometheus V2 EG Gearbox

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The Prometheus EG Hard 8mm Gearbox by LayLax is a high-quality and innovative gearbox, perfect as a centrepiece for most AEG builds. This gearbox is aimed at users who want to build a reliable and highly efficient AEG Gel Blaster, with significant quality-of-life inclusions, to make the initial build process and future maintenance more enjoyable. Featuring a split-panel design, this gearbox shell will streamline the build process of your AEG Gel Blaster with the following inclusions:


  • External wiring channels, reducing likelihood of gear/wire contact while creating more space within the gearbox
  • Pre-radiused cuts around the cylinder window to reduce operational gearbox stress
  • Easy shimming and AOE correction due to the split-panel system
  • High quality M3 steel screws
  • Compatibility with 8mm bushings/bearings
  • Precision machined aluminium gearbox panel and high strength cast zinc alloy main body
  • A spring retainer, perfectly fitted for this gearbox
  • Designed by Japanese Engineers




  • Spring: M120
  • 350 FPS



  • Metal parts require periodic lubrication – always stay on top of maintenance!
  • If you have limited technical experience, it is recommended you consult a gel blaster technician (service available at most gel blaster retail stores)
  • Do not exceed tolerances – this gearbox is designed for reliability and sustainable use, not for extreme FPS/RPS builds


Prometheus V2 EG Gearbox