M052 40mm Grenade Launcher (Grenade not included)

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The CYMA M052 is the thicc boi of sidearms!  The M052 is a break action 40mm gel grenade pistol launcher, the main body is constructed from metal with a polymer pistol grip and barrel.  The M052 also features a length of picatinny rail on the top and bottom allowing for the use of various attachments and the ability to attach it as an underbarrel launcher on an M4 or similar type blaster.


Easy to load and fires an impressive and intimidating shower of gels, great for room clearing!  Initial testing has shown that the original AUSGEL Ultra gels are the best fit when grown to fullsize.



  • Metal and polymer construction
  • Simple, reliable design

Package Includes:

  • CYMA M052 40mm Gel Grenade Launcher

M052 40mm Grenade Launcher (Grenade not included)