Glow Hopper Gelstorm - Orange

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After the popular release of the Gelstorm blasters, we’ve now got exclusive access to the ultimate accessory. Introducing the Glow Hopper Mount that comes in the 4 iconic Gelstorm colours: red, blue, orange, and green. You MUST use this hopper with Ausgel Glow Gels. 




This hopper mount is USB powered, and provides a sleek glow look that will make your Gelstorm stand out from the others. The LED powered lights are high-powered with UV technology too.


This hopper mount isn’t just limited to the Gelstorm blasters. This can actually fit onto the top of a CS-009 perfectly! Upgrade your pistol with this glowing accessory!

Ready to go

The Glow Hopper Mount box contains instructions, a usb charger, and the hopper itself. Everything you need to use this hopper with your Gelstorm or CS-009 is included! Please note, this product does not include a Gelstorm blaster.

Glow Hopper Gelstorm - Orange