Gen 8 Gel Blaster with 7.4volt battery

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Gen 8 Gel Blaster with 7.4volt battery

The JM Gen8 gel ball blaster offers an entry-level experience into the world of AEG gel blasters. This fully automatic gel blaster is equipped with the M4A1 Gen8 gearbox, which delivers power comparable to the V2 gearbox. What sets the Jinming Gen8 blaster apart is its extensive range of upgrade options, making it a highly customizable M4A1 gel blaster that can be modified to suit your preferences.

Key Features of the J8 M4A1 Gel Blaster:

  • Select fire modes: The Jinming gel blaster offers safe and full automatic shooting modes. It does not have a semi-firing mode, as its focus is on rapid shooting for retaliating against enemy attacks.

  • Full customization and upgradability: Lightweight and portable, the JM Gen8 allows for easy removal and attachment of accessories. It features a fishbone design with four side rails for mounting grips, sights, scopes, lasers, and torches. The handguard style and size can also be changed. The JM Gen8 is renowned for being the most user-friendly gel ball blaster when it comes to customization.

  • Attention to detail: Designed by Jinming's toy gun specialists, the J8 M4A1 gel blaster offers a 1:1 scale replica of the M4A1, providing a realistic and enjoyable toy gun experience at an affordable price.


  • Brand: Jinming

  • Model: 938-8

  • Material: Nylon shell and nylon gearbox

  • Color: Black

  • Gel ball size: 7-8mm gel balls

  • Magazine capacity: Approximately 200 gellets

  • Optional drum mag

M4A1 Gel Blaster Performance:

  • Firepower: 250-260FPS

  • Shooting range: Approximately 25 meters straight and 35 meters when shooting with a curve

  • Rate of fire: 15 rounds per second (under 7.4v)

M4A1 Gen 8 Package Accessories:

  • 1 x Jinming Gen8 J8 M4A1 gel blaster

  • 1 x Gel ball bottle

  • 1 x Rechargeable 1200mAh 7.4v LiPo battery

  • 1 x USB charger

  • 1 x Safety glasses

  • 1 x Orange firecap

  • Packs of gel balls

Please remember to check all local laws regarding the usage and ownership of gel blasters in your particular State.
Use protective eyewear at ALL times as incorrect usage can lead to eye damage.
Gelblasters must be concealed during transport and used in designated areas.
* Note gels supplied are usually of low quality it is highly recommended to use Ausgel gels for best results

Gen 8 Gel Blaster with 7.4volt battery