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The STD CS-009 is probably the best performing gel blaster pistol on the market, great rate of fire and a muzzle velocity the same as the higher end mag fed pistols makes it great bang for the buck.  The hopper feed system makes it easy to reload and has a great capacity.

 ***Please note, gels included with blasters are generally of low quality and can often cause feeding issues, we highly reccomend you purchase our high quality red, blue or white gels for the best performance***


  • Simple hopper feed system
  • On/Off style safety switch
  • 150fps and 10rps

Package Includes:

  • STD CS-009 Blaster
  • Grenade Bottle Hopper
  • Laser light
  • Muzzle brake
  • 7.4volt battery
  • USB charge cable
  • Glasses
  • 1000 unhydrated gels